You Can Have An Abundant Life With Less.

Are you ready for life to feel a whole lot lighter? Desperate to have the freedom to spend time with your family, focus on the things that matter, and have the time to create a life full of purpose?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Check Out Your Transformation

Feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed, and heavy.


Feeling lighter, more peaceful, and happier.

A home full of clutter that steals your time and embarrasses you when guests come over.


An uncluttered home that you’re proud to own and show off to company.

Constantly feeling busy, but feeling like nothing really got done by the end of the day.


Having rhythms and routines that make you feel like you actually own your time.

Feeling overwhelmed with commitments and feeling dread when looking at your to-do list.


More white space on your calendar so you can focus on what brings you joy.

Who Am I & How Can I Help?

Hello there! My name is Lauren and welcome to my simple living blog. I help stressed-out moms simplify their home and life so that they can finally find the freedom to live a life of intention.

I’d love to take a moment and share with you my own minimalism story and show you how I can help you.

I know that you are ready to feel lighter, happier, and live free. You are the hero, I am simply the guide who can help get you there. 

My Story

I thought life was supposed to be complicated. In fact, I thought complicated was normal.

Laundry piling up, dishes in the sink, toys everywhere, and a to-do list that included everything except for time with my children.

I thought THIS was normal. Everyone said it was normal. And anytime I wanted more, I started to feel guilty.

Between motherhood and my job (teaching), I felt empty. I felt alone. I looked around my home and saw possessions that made me feel stressed, not happy. I hated looking at my calendar because I knew I had too many commitments. I was tired of the strain on my relationships and my mental health.

I knew something had to change. I came across a simple living YouTube channel, and I felt like I had finally found the secret to living the life I wanted. Living a life where I could focus on me and my family. A life where I could live intentionally instead of an auto-pilot. I knew that minimalism held the key to that life. Over 5 years later and I am still living a minimalist lifestyle. 



I enjoy the freedom that simple living has afforded me, and I’m passionate about helping other moms clear the clutter and actually enjoy motherhood, not just get through it.

Deciding to live with less was the best decision I ever made. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, anxious, lonely, depressed, and like I was failing as a mom, I felt lighter happier, and free. When I decluttered my home, my commitments, and my life, I felt like I could finally live the life I actually wanted to, and enjoy the short time I have with my young children.

My mission is to help other moms take back their home, their finances, and their life so that they can feel that same freedom, too. Here you’ll find someone to confide in, someone to share your worries or doubts with, tons of hope and encouragement, and never any judgment.

Whether you’re just getting started on your minimalism journey, or a few steps ahead of the rest, I hope you’ll let me come with you.